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Here you will find links to Medical Search Engines, Medical Journals, CME materials, Medical Atlas, Medical Books, Doctor's Guide to Internet, General Health Topics, Interactive Multimedia  Medical sites, Links to Other Institutions and Health Agencies and a host of other interesting medical sites


Medical Search Engines 

Most of these sites request you to sign in with a login name and password. Please note down the login name and password for future reference

Medical World Search
Bio Mednet
Clini Web: Table of contents of medical info in web
National Medical Library  (US)
Health on the Net Foundation
Info search engine and directory

Medical Journals

J. American Medical Association(JAMA)
British Medical Journal (BMJ)
New England J. Medicine (NEJM)
J.Infectious Diseases in Children
J. Image Guided Surgery
American J. Gastroenterology 
The Intern On-Call Handbook
Modern Medicine
BioMedNet Electronic Press
Medical Matrix

Medical Books Store

Medical Atlas

Anatomy and Pathology

Atlas of digestive diseases

Medical Associations

Calicut Medical College Alumni Association

Association of Kerala Medical Graduates in North America

Learning Materials (CME)

Primary Health Care
CME Materials
Avicenna Medical Information Resource
MedConnect Information Services
MedNexus Internet Medical Community


Health Topics for Doctors
Global Health Network

Pharmametrics Physician's Resources
Physicians' Corner at Columbia/HCA Healthcare
Physicians' Home Page 
Physicians' Online Medical Reference

Interactive Multimedia Medical Sites

Martindale's Health Science Guide

'Multimedia Specialised Information Resource'  containing over 32,600 teaching files, over 40,300 medical cases, 537 multimedia courses/textbooks, 773 tutorials, over 1846 databases and over 9860 movies.

Multimedia Medical Reference Library

This site provides subject-based access to the Web, as well as medical school information.

Prime Practice

Offers multimedia papers, cases studies, realistic patient exam simulations, and reference information on selected topics. 

The Virtual Hospital

By the University of Iowa, the Virtual Hospital for   physicians. It includes "textbooks"  also

Medical News                                                                                                                 Back to Top of the Page

CNN Health News

Govt. Agencies/Health Organizations                                        
World Health Organisation
(WHO )
Food and Drug Administration Authority (FDA) USA
National institute of health (NIH) USA
Center for Disease Control (CDC) USA                                

Other Medical College Sites (Under search)                           

Kottayam Medical College

Christian Medical College Vellore

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

JIPMER Pondicherry

PGI  Chandigargh

Other Sites of Medical Interest

Hardin Meta Direcory of Internet Health Resources

Cyberspace Telemedicine Medical Support Services

This site offers a medical triaging service, patient data exchanges, appointments for computer based medical conferences for remote diagnosis, and online creation of a personal medical history. It includes professional education, medical librarian services, and an online shopping area for medical supplies.

Physician's Guide to the Internet

Gives physicians an opportunity to discuss issues that affect them personally and professionally. Registration required.

Medicine On Line Medical Information Service

Medicine On Line is a commercial on-line medical information service providing healthcare educational and product information.

MedSource Healthcare Information

Health and medical insights and market intelligence. Offers original articles and Internet medical site reviews.

Point's Top 5% -- Professional Medical Sites

The Lycos Point reviews   sites based on content, presentation, and "experience." Although it's not comprehensive, it's a nice place to  look for impressive sites.

PPS Online Web Medical Information Distribution

PPS OnLine builds a home page for users with pointers to topical health and medical information. Users select their interest areas. PPS alerts users to new postings, new healthcare products, and news on medical topics.


Features career oriented issues for physicians.

Many of the links in this page have been supplemented by the list of links in the Medical sites page of Kottayam Medical College Home Page

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